Next Steps: ETC @ GDPU in July

The ECT @ GDPU team have been very busy in Gulu and Acet this month carrying out the first training sessions on areas of weakness identified by the pilot groups themselves. These groups included Nyeko Rac Hairdressing and Cosmetology and 6 Members of Gulu Pwds Electronics Repair & Maintenance, Rwot Aye-Twero and Kica Pa Rwot… Read More

Next Steps: June Report for ECT at GDPU

The ECT at GDPU project officer (Musema Faruk) has come back with his June report detailing the very first pilot group Knowledge Sharing meetings, an exciting step forward. In summary, there were two meetings, one in Acet about 30 miles out of Gulu town, with Hairdressers and Sweater Weavers,. The other was in town at… Read More

Pushing on well: Piloting ETC at GDPU

2 June 2017 The ETC at GDPU Project Leader and Project Officer have been out and about in Gulu Town and district, visiting the nine functioning business groups set up by the students with disabilities who were trained at Gulu Disabled Persons Union. ETC at GDPU are choosing three groups┬áto best suit the pilot phase… Read More