What is Whistle blowing?

Whistleblowing is the term used when an employee, trustee, volunteer or other stakeholder passes on information concerning wrongdoing.

The wrongdoing disclosed must be in the public interest. This means it must affect others.

A whistleblower can raise a concern at any time about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or believes will happen in the near future.

The whistleblower is usually the witness providing information to about a concern which it is in the public interest to raise.

How is this different to a Complaint?

A complaint is about something that affects you as an individual. The wrongdoing disclosed in Whistleblowing must be in the public interest

How to raise a Whistle Blowing concern about ETC of PWD

There is further detail on raising a Whistle concern about ETC of PWD on these pages:

Raising an urgent Whistleblowing concern for trustees:

Raising an urgent Whistleblowing concern for employees and volunteers:

Raising an urgent Whistleblowing concern about Safeguarding :

(You need to make an urgent report to the Commission and the Police if you believe there is a serious safeguarding risk.)

Who to contact at ETC of PWD if you have a Whistle Blowing Concern.

Unless your concern is about an urgent Safeguarding risk (see above), then you should first register your concern with the charity in writing to the Safeguarding Manager.

Either at


Higher Week




EX19 8SJ


Or by email:


For further details please see the ETC of PWD Whistleblowing Policy