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 Ex-YDP GDPU Sweater Weaving student at work 2017

In the pilot stage three business groups will be participating. As the project develops and subject to finding further funding, we hope to extend the project to the other nine groups, out of the initial 15 YDP groups, still functioning.

In addition ETC @ GDPU will be supporting Gulu Disabled Persons Union itself, to become a business hub for disabled people in Gulu town.


Youth enterprise Nature of Business Location Members Group Status
Tam Anyim Youth Enterprise MCRM Cwero Trading Centre, Kitgum Road Aswa County 5 Still functioning
Rwot Aye Twero youth enterprise MCRM, Knitting and Electrical Acet trading centre Odek sub county 8 Still Functioning
Rubanga Omiya youth enterprise Motorcycle Repair Lacor, LayibiGulu District 6 Not Functioning
Pe Ica Gin Makwo youth enterprise Knitting & sweater production Pece, Gulu Municipality 9 Still functioning
Nyeko Rach youth enterprise Hairdressing and Salon Acet trading centre Odek sub county 7 Still functioning
Lubanga Likicha youth enterprise Motorcycle Repair Orum Road, Koch Goma Sub county Nwoya District 8 Not functioning
Hope for disabled girls youth enterprise Hairdressing & Salon Pece division 8 Still functioning
Gulu PWD electrical repair & maintenance youth enterprise Electrical repair & maintenance



Gulu main market




9 Still functioning
Kica Pa Rubanga youth enterprise Sweater weaving Pece, Gulu Municipality wilobo market 14 Still functioning
Kok Can Ki Tic youth enterprise Motorcycle Repair Bobi Trading Centre, Kampala Road Omoro County 6 Not functioning
Pe Nongi Labedo youth enterprise Hairdressing & Salon Cerelono along ring road 8 Not functioning
Ti Megi youth enterprise Hairdressing & Salon Kanyagoga centre 8 Not functioning
Safcon welding & fabrication youth enterprise Welding & Metal Fabrication Along Acholi road 6 Still Functioning
Atek Ki Rwot Youth Enterprise Motorcycle Repair Acet trading centre 6 Not functioning
Gum Pe Rom Electronic Repair & Maintenance Youth Enterprise Electronic Repair & Maintenance Layibi Division 7 Functioning