Village Savings and loan Association Training at Acet center Omoro District August 2017 for Front Page
Village Savings and Loan Association pilot training session at Acet centre, Omoro District, August 2017

“I am now seen as business person and not as a disabled person”

(Akera Robert, digital repair in Gulu)


This project is called Enhancing The Capacity at Gulu Disabled Persons Union or ETC@GDPU.

We all deserve to live dignity and respect: ETC@GDPU provides capacity building through Gulu Disabled Persons Union. So that businesses already set up by young people with disability can become more profitable and sustainable, improving the livelihoods of the group members, their families and their community; gaining dignity and respect.

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The first ETC @ GDPU pilot skills training session in Gulu, June 2017


ETC@GDPU is the project set up by the charity ETC of PWD.

For much more about ETC@GDPU and the background to it, please look at the tabs above.

Akera Roberts, individual Businesss Enterprise on the pilot programme



With your help we can support Gulu Disabled Persons Union train these young people to become successful and respected.

The ETC @ GDPU project started in Gulu in May 2017 and has been privately funded during the pilot and subsequent phases.

Other forms of funding are now being sought for a more substantive programme.  Individual donations are particularly welcome, please visit the Donations page.

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GDPU Open Day 2015



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